the news in Q’s

As we sometimes do, allowing for a minimized-bias, rapid-fire approach, here is the week in questions — 35 of them to be exact (p.s. it’s an easy, insightful way to read)…

Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump?

What, Exactly, Is President Trump’s ‘High Crime’ Here?

In ‘Woke’ Era, Is Scandal Coverage Tied to Accused’s Politics?

The Phrase ‘OK, Boomer’: Justified or Not?

Could The Warriors Pull Off A One-Year Tank?

A 2020 Dropout Draft: Who Will Leave Before The December Debate?

The Nationals Went All In On Just A Few Great Pitchers. Will Others Do The Same?

A Bevin-Beshear recount?

What Did We Vote for Yesterday?

Will Uncle Sam Force Big Tech to Break Up?

College Football’s Champions Aren’t in Top 4 of the Playoff Rankings. Why?

Is California Becoming Premodern?

Should We Give California or Texas Back?

Are Electric Cars Good for the Environment?

Trump Pokes Fun at Himself. Why Do Only Some See It?

Can Warren Actually Avoid Taxing the Middle Class?

Why Are CEOs Resigning In Record Numbers?

Why Can’t Hall-of-Fame QB John Elway Find One for the Broncos?

Is Hillary Clinton Set for a White House Run?

Why Does the Left Keep Discounting Trump’s Economy?

Is the Global Dollar in Jeopardy?

Why Are So Many Countries Witnessing Mass Protests?

Tulsi Gabbard Clashes With Joy Behar: Are You Calling Me ‘Stupid’?

For US veterans, what does it mean to heal a moral injury?

Can Empathic Concern Actually Increase Political Polarization?

Is Kanye West’s Conversion to Christ for Real?

Is Democracy in Danger in the Information Age?

Weren’t We Told Democracy Dies in Darkness?

Will Great Britain Become Little England?

Can the American Experiment Survive Donald Trump?

Should the Ukraine Whistleblower’s Identity be Protected?

Did the Biden Family Think America Was for Sale?

What You Pay the Government…Is It Worth It?

Holiday Sales Outlook: Just In Time, or Too Late to Matter?

Will a Late Entry Scramble the Democratic Primary?

Would you share your views of Donald Trump over dinner?

… As said many times, the question is my favorite punctuation piece. Why? Because it’s the only punctuation mark that merits a response. What a beautiful thing if we all asked more questions.

Ah, yes… the news in Q’s…