50 questions for summer

As is our practice, every now and then we take a look at the questions the media is asking. We scan the sites; take note of what’s being asked.

Here’s what the country is talking about. For arguably, your briefest assessment of what’s making news — 50 questions — here are a list of what we’ve been asking in the past seven days:

  1. After J&J Vaccine, a Booster?
  2. Biden’s Choice: Progressives or Bipartisanship? 
  3. Bill Cosby is a free man, but is he innocent?
  4. Bill Cosby is out of prison. What does that mean for his dozens of accusers?
  5. Can J.D. Vance Take – And Pack – A Punch In Senate Race?
  6. Can progressive prosecutors survive America’s crime wave?
  7. Can the Left Defend Critical Race Theory?
  8. Can The Phoenix Suns Cap Off A Magical Season?
  9. A Compromise On Infrastructure? What’s Being Compromised?
  10. Could a voter ID compromise be a win for voting rights?
  11. Critical race theory: Who gets to decide what is history?
  12. The delta variant is highly contagious. Do Covid vaccines still protect against it?
  13. Democrats’ New Get-Trump Committee?
  14. Does the Pentagon Take China Seriously?
  15. How can a building just collapse?
  16. How Fast Is The Economy Recovering?
  17. How Is The COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Going In Your State?
  18. How unpopular is Joe Biden?
  19. How Worried Should We Be About Election System?
  20. If CRT Is Correct, Is America Worth Defending?
  21. Is Biden Declaring ‘Independence From the Virus’ Too Soon?
  22. Is Biden’s Lawsuit Against Georgia Dead on Arrival?
  23. Is Eric Adams Really the ‘Face of the New Democratic Party’?
  24. Is the U.S. a One-and-a-Half Party System?
  25. Now Democrats Are Tough on Crime?
  26. Olympics: Is It Fair to Make Women Compete Against Transgender Athletes?
  27. On the Border, Can Harris Succeed Where Biden Failed?
  28. Right vs. Left: Who’s Smarter?
  29. States deploy police to border. What is their role?
  30. Tropical Storm Elsa nears the Keys — where is it going next? 
  31. What happened to Sha’Carri Richardson?
  32. What Has China’s Communist Party Learned?
  33. What Is China Buying in the Biden Administration?
  34. What Is Critical Race Theory, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?
  35. What Underlies the G.O.P. Commitment to Ignorance?
  36. What was the unemployment rate when the last stimulus bill was passed?
  37. What Would the Founding Fathers Say?
  38. When are the 2021 Olympics? Will they happen?
  39. Where Can Americans Travel Right Now?
  40. Where does ‘Black Widow’ rank amongst the greatest Marvel heroines?
  41. Who Is Calling the Shots at the White House?
  42. Who Really Wants to Defund Police?
  43. Who runs the Vatican while pope is hospitalized?
  44. Why Can’t the Left Let Go of Slavery?
  45. Why do we celebrate July 4th?
  46. Why does Kamala Harris laugh or cackle all the time?
  47. Why is gas so expensive again?
  48. Will Giannis play?
  49. Will the military make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory?
  50. Would Nuking the Filibuster Really Help Democrats?

The above come via ABC News, American Prospect, AOL, As.com,  Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Columbia News, Deseret News, ESPN, Five Thirty Eight, The Gatestone Institute, The Hayride, LA Times, MamaMia.com, Miami Herald, National Review, New York Post, New York Times, The New Yorker, News Bytes, NBC, NPR, PJ Media, The Poynter Institute, A Quiet Simple Life, Real Clear Politics, Rasmussen Reports, Roll Call, The Spectator, US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, WVXU, Yahoo!News, and Yahoo!The 360.

Note: if my/your primary news source fails to appear above, maybe they’re not so good at allowing their audience to answer questions for themselves. Maybe. Maybe not. Just saying. Makes me wonder more…