what we most need now

Today I will write for just me. My sense is we often tend to write and speak for others, telling them where they need to change. I understand. It’s easier. It’s also less effective. The most effective maturing comes not from the demanding of another, but rather, from a sober look at self.

When I witness the loss of life, I grieve. I lament the death of George Floyd. I lament the death of those who’ve gone before him. I lament injustice and the death of the innocent. I am dismayed by the riots and resulting unrest. I find myself humbly but deeply craving what our country most needs now. I find myself first wrestling with three sincere questions…

One… Who Matters?

Life means existence…

  • Black lives.
  • Immigrant lives.
  • The lives of the elderly, disabled or unborn.

Sincerely seeking to understand — no judgment — what existence have I justified as being lesser?

Two… Is It OK to Be Silent?

Our silence has the potential to perpetuate the acceptance of evil, unethical, or abusive behavior…

  • In relationships.
  • In race relations.
  • In pop-culture, society or politics.

What evil or unethical behavior am I accepting?

Why am I selectively silent?

Do I ever choose the lesser of two evils, ignoring that such by definition, is still evil?

And Three… What Am I Omitting in My Outrage?

  • Outrage without principle is hysteria.
  • Outrage without compassion is shame.
  • Outrage without truth is manipulation. 
  • Outrage without integrity is sanctimonious.
  • Outrage without action is incomplete.

How can my outrage be used for good?

And is it ok for another’s outrage to be different than mine?

I wonder…  if each human existence is created in the image of God, how can I treat anyone as lesser? How can I not believe in their equal value and worth? Am I too blind to see how God feels about each of us?  

I’m sobered… pained by what’s happening across the country — the hurt in the hearts of persons of color, the division that far too many on all sides brazenly continue to sow. I thus settle in a singular place, crying out to God as to what our country most needs now. I settle here:

“If my people… respond by humbling themselves, praying, seeking my presence, and turning their backs on their wicked lives, I’ll be there ready for you: I’ll listen from heaven, forgive their sins, and restore their land to health…”

The challenge of race relations isn’t something that I can simply be silent about nor shout about at others; neither effectively changes the individual human heart. The only way I know to make lasting, permanent change is to submit to something bigger than me. God is god and I am not.

What does God say?

If I…

  1. Humble myself
  2. Pray
  3. Seek him — recognizing he has wisdom that I do not; and…
  4. Turn — accepting no more evil and unethical behavior


God will listen. He’ll forgive. And he will heal our land.

As I observe varied perspective from places seemingly big and small — from the tears in my friends’ eyes to the destruction on the streets of Minneapolis and in the shouts on social media — I’m convinced of one truth most of all…

We are a land in need of healing. That’s what we most need now.