and then there was hope…

Hey, it’s me again. I know we’ve been talking a lot lately. Thanks for getting it. Thanks for the times you totally get it, even when I’m not doing any talking… or listening either. That tends to be more my issue. I’m not always good at listening and letting you direct, guide, gently nudge or give me counsel. Sometimes it takes maybe one of those divine two-by-fours to figuratively smack me over the head. Sometimes my passion or opinion — because I feel so legitimately, strongly — totally takes over. I know. You get that, too.

But wow… what a perfect storm… 

We were all secluded… encamped in our homes with local economies shut down, just beginning to reopen. Many lost their jobs or had them furloughed. All the spring pomp and circumstance was simply wiped from the calendar. My oldest’s college graduation… my youngest’s high school graduation… We had so much planned! We can never get those moments back.

It’s been almost as if these past three months have been too much to handle. I know that’s not true — but it feels that way. This has been one of the harder seasons of life for so many — as we were both physically — and emotionally — quarantined. We were burning to burst out. Thank God we burst out for something good!

The good?

Of course you already know. Nothing happens here that you are unaware of or have for some reason allowed. I don’t always get that; I know you could put a stop to anything if you wanted, but my pondering sense is you sometimes allow the awful to exist in order to get our attention. We can get distracted pretty easily. 

I feel like the globe has finally grasped the self evident truth that all men, women, children — creed or color — are created equal. That you show no partiality. And therefore, because you don’t, neither should we. 

That has been true since in the beginning. It’s also one of the things that drives me crazy about the current two party system… Each party devalues someone — they count some life as lesser. And the rest of us — because we are sincerely passionate about a singular issue or person or more — a like or dislike — even a hatred or love — we jump on the impious bandwagon. We make unholy alliances it seems, never taking the time to refute and dissect the unholy.

And while I understand that politics and government are tools you’ve allowed to create societal order, our politicians — just like the rest of us — are imperfect. They don’t always tell the truth; sometimes they lie. The end often justifies the means. They routinely hurl insults at each other, treating dissenters as enemies. They have thus ignored the impurity in their own. And it’s getting worse. 

That’s actually one of the things that’s given me hope this week…

The politicians weren’t leading; the people were. The politicians were finally listening to us — as opposed to simply expecting us to listen to them. I love it. This isn’t a black/white issue. It’s not a left/right issue. It’s a human issue. Our politicians have done us a disservice by forgetting that, and simply attempting to forge others to their partisan tribe. Sorry. That feels disrespectful. They want me to be like them. Lord, I just want to be like you.

My sense is that if we can keep the specific, political party agendas out of it, we can make a difference. The world can finally get that all have equal value… that all are created equal… that all are endowed with certain unalienable rights. We can’t leave out any of those aspects. Otherwise we will forget once more.

We need to learn to love each other. Truly. We need to learn to see as you see and think of absolutely no one as lesser. Right now, though, our friends who are persons of color are hurting. And everything I read about you is that you have a heart for the hurting. We have work to do. Where do we start?

Humble ourselves. Yes, that’s step one. Humble ourselves and pray. I hear the distinction; that doesn’t say “humble someone else.” It says to humble me.

That means no violence. That means listening. Learning. Lamenting and forgiving. Protests get attention; peace and prayer are essential. 

A tangent note, if I may… Every generation has its strengths and weaknesses; they aren’t so much right or wrong as opposed to how that generation has reacted and responded to the circumstances that have shaped their formative years. Today I give thanks for the younger generations… the way you’ve wired them with a care for causes and fearlessness has led much of the current way.

I know. You get it. But then, you always do.

You get us. Always.

Respectfully… always…