let’s fight!

Do we really have to fight about everything? 

Do we always have to make it political?

“How can you be ok with that? You’re off in your own little world; get up to speed! C’mon… It’s the 21st century — get with the times! Don’t you realize your lack of diversity is offensive to me? Do you not even see us? Are you color blind?!”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I appreciate diversity; we’re just a homogeneous collection. There’s no need be different. We’re in our own space, hurting no one; hence, my silence equates to zero complicity! We work well together in our own little jar of the world, so-to-speak. You have a right to your own jar, too!”

“I do not understand you! You make no sense! Can’t you see that there’s clearly only one right way to do this? Your opinion is insulting to me! Offensive, in fact! For years we’ve heard people say ‘the best way is up’? How can you not see how that applies here?!”

“Just because people say things doesn’t make it right. If everyone ran off a cliff, would you join them? Geesh. Resist the tribal mentality, dude. The right way is down. Clearly, always down! And if you can’t see that, then there’s no reason for me to spend any more time or energy on you. When you finally come around, let me know. Until then you are unworthy of my attention. Better yet, you are simply unworthy!”

“People say whatever they want to — ‘fake news’! It doesn’t care if it doesn’t make sense. So what? Those other people are lying to you. Cancel them! Cancel, I say! And you are so ignorant, stupid — yikes — even deplorable! There is no way that can taste ok! You are filling yourself up with completely asinine rhetoric!”

“Stop. Just stop. You think I’m wrong? Look what you’re buying into! Look what you’re ignoring! Have you lost your mind? … your sense of reason? You’re all filled up with such shallow slogans — low calories, too. I am so done with you.”

And just like that we fight. 

We make all things political…

… mask, no mask… open, close… standing, kneeling… 

We even determine our own advocacy or rejection based on who else supports or denounces it…


Seems we’re losing the prudence of individual thinking and perspective. Tribal speak has veiled our awareness of the wisdom in compromise. People keep advocating for something lesser… advocating for the fight.

Think I’m not so semi-humble with each of the above?

For the record, I was talking about creamy vs. chunky peanut butter, the latest Charmin roll placed up or down, and of course, whether Miller Lite is actually “less filling” or “tastes great.”



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  1. Miller Lite used to taste great, but now with all these outstanding micro brews it is just less filling.

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