it’s time!

If you have not heard me utter these words previously, know that it is my absolute humble privilege to be the author of the Intramuralist. When we set out on this venture near 12 years ago, never did I imagine the prodigious expanse of our audience nor extent of our reach. My goal was not to profit (and we have not) nor to voice all of my astute opinions because I’m so worthy and right. Truth is, I am neither. In fact — full disclosure here — sometimes I’m actually wrong. Sometimes I’m wrong and I don’t even know it.

But such has never been the aim of this blog.

I wholeheartedly adhere to the Judeo-Christian ethic that all people are created equal. That means we are each created equal whether or not we also adhere to such ethic. Quoting “High School Musical” and other sweet sources of wisdom, “iron sharpens iron” and “we’re all in this together.”

With that said, it is with great joy and excitement that I introduce our annual Guest Writer Series! Each summer we take time to practice a little more of what we so-called preach. We take time to intentionally share the written words from other people. Are the writers all people who think exactly like me?

Of course not.

What fun would that be? 🙂

But each is a person who is committed to expressing their opinion respectfully.

Will I personally agree with all that is articulated?

Also, of course not.

But that’s not the point. 

If we are going to grow and think and truly sharpen one another, we can’t cling to likemindedness, cancelling out the inconvenient. Wisdom calls us to instead actually engage the different. Assume positive intent in others. And seek to understand. Understanding more does not mean our own opinion must change. But if our opinions can’t stand up against diverse viewpoints, then perhaps wisdom also prompts us to alter what we think and say we believe. I have never known a wise person who was unwilling to alter their opinion.

Hence, through most of the month of August you will gleefully hear from a great group of people…

They are younger/older (both of which thrill me!), male/female, lean left/right, black/white, faithful/skeptical, white collar/blue collar, working professionals/stay-at-home workers, you-name-it. They are diverse. They will speak of many things.

Interestingly — and true to our desire to talk about what’s currently happening on the planet — several will reference the current racial tension and how wisely to proceed. But also perhaps even more interestingly, each will offer a different angle. You will hear such from a black man… you will also hear from a parent of two sons — one black… one white.

Still more will share other excellent, insightful perspective… on the accumulation of all our “stuff,” the beauty of learning about varied cultures, and encouragement on the “fights” in our lives and who’s in our “corner.” We’ll kick the conversation off this coming Sunday, in an insightful post about our current cultural state, entitled “I Hate Conflict.”

So sit back, ponder, converse and participate when prompted, and enjoy the varied perspective. It is always wise to hear from someone other than “me.”

Respectfully… with great anticipation and excitement…


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