current culture & the NFL

Slouched on the couch for the weekend slate of games, it was so good to see live, professional football again!

Alas, as you may have expected, we have a few random questions…

Is it weird to see Tom Brady no longer donning any blue in his uniform?

And Philip Rivers is a Colt?

But really, can Bill Belichick and Tom Brady win without each other?

How does not having fans in the stands affect the players and change the game?

Without the fans, is there such a thing as “home field advantage”?

With the on-field, promotional signs to “vote,” are we being encouraged to “vote” or to “vote a certain way?”

What? The Jaguars, Raiders, and Washington Football Team all won?

Were those boos during the moment of silence when the Chiefs and Texans stood arm and arm? Why?

Would we be a wiser to seek understanding before judgment?

Why is Colin Kaepernick still not signed and playing? Is it a racist, economic, or performance decision? Is the decision that simple?

Are all athletes role models?

What determines who is a role model?

Could someone please get Kansas City coach, Andy Reid, a new, not-so-foggy mask?

How exciting is the talent of youthful quarterbacks such as Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and Lamar Jackson?!

Could this finally be the year for — dare-I-say — the Buffalo Bills?

Do we really have to watch all these political ads? … and for another 49 days?

How do the announcers decide what they’ll say and what they won’t about our country’s current cultural issues? Is it a lose-lose situation, in the sense that they will never be able to appease all?

Is “silence equivalent to compliance” or is that me applying my behavioral standards to someone else? Is that ok?

When will Tua Tagovailoa get to play?

Is Cam Newton back?

Does kneeling matter? Or does it depend why one does it?

What efforts are creating unity and what are not?

Why are the ratings significantly down?

Will they keep playing?

What will happen next?

Until next week…

… when we slouch in the couch once more.