what’s happening at the border?

Reason #317 why the Intramuralist is careful and intentional about which news sources are relied upon: the news is different depending on who we listen to. In regard to what’s happening at our southernmost border, for example…

From the right:  “Border Patrol Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into US Without Court Date” (Newsmax)

From the left:  “Migrants Are Heading North Because Central America Never Recovered from Last Year’s Hurricanes” (Vox)

From the right: “Team Biden’s Disgraceful Border Media Blackout” (the NY Post Editorial Board)

From the left:  “Biden Vows to Ease Border Surge as Republicans Sense a Political Opening” (CNN)

They’re each describing the same scenario. Hence, let’s acknowledge Reason #318: the language employed varies when describing the same scenarios…

“Challenge” vs. “crisis.”

“Overflow facility” vs. “cage.”

“Gag order” vs. “designated spokespeople.”

The words are describing the exact same thing. However, the words employed are dependent upon (1) who’s uttering the word, and (2) who/what they wish to paint in a more/less favorable light.

Allow me, therefore, to utter an early bottom line: that’s a disservice to those who listen. It’s not news; it’s manipulation.

As reasonably thinking, God-honoring Americans, we desire solution instead of spin. Spin serves to protect or demean, focusing most on how a narrative reflects upon an administration, policy or political ideology; it’s happening on the left and the right — on CNN, FOX, MSNBC and all those listed above; it impedes both truth and solution.

Hence, here’s what we know for certain…

  • There’s an immigrant surge at the southern U.S. border.
  • It’s been difficult for multiple, recent presidents.
  • The number of migrants has increased significantly in the past two months.
  • The Biden administration is now limiting the information U.S. Border Patrol can share with media outlets.

Next is an incomplete set of questions we would be wise to answer without any spin…

  • How do illegal/undocumented immigrants boost the economy?
  • How do illegal/undocumented immigrants burden the economy?
  • What is the appropriate level of public subsidies to provide for illegal/undocumented immigrants, especially for those not paying taxes but taking advantage of federal aid programs?
  • How much should it matter that the national debt now soars to over $28 trillion?
  • How then are we compassionate to both the illegal/undocumented immigrants in need and to current citizens?
  • What’s the relationship between illegal immigration and crime?
  • What’s the relationship between illegal immigration and human trafficking?
  • How do we prohibit the terrorists from entering?
  • What level of border security is effective and wise?
  • How are sanctuary cities effective, and how are they taken advantage of?
  • What other motives are the politicians/media outlets not admitting?
  • How can Democrats and Republicans come together and solve the problem rather than continuing to spin — making their position sound wonderful and their opposition terrible — since this has been a problem for both?

In the current illegal/undocumented immigration debate, cognizant of both security and the economy, we need to figure out what effective compassion looks like for those who wish to be here… and those already here…