what has happened?

Ok, I admit it. There were many days over the course of the past month in which it was incredibly tempting to pick up my pen (or actually, open Pages) and craft a post. But two premises rang louder: one, the guest writers of our annual summer series articulated themselves thoughtfully on some terrific topics; and two, rest is vital; breaks are necessary; we are better at what we do when we are intentional with our rest.

So let’s mark today’s return with some select shout outs…

A shout out first to those guest writers…

Thank you for your thoughtful, inspiring words. You modeled well how to express that about which you are passionate without ever adding insult or “you idiot” to the end of your sentence. I continue to learn much from you, once again recognizing that just because I, too, may be passionate, there may well be more than one valid perspective. That is wise for us all. May the passion of our perspective never blind us to the acute angle of another.

A shout out next to all the healthcare professionals, dealing especially with this Covid crud…

What a tough time in the industry. I can only imagine. No doubt you didn’t pursue this professional course for celebrity or political status; you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. And you are.

I can’t imagine what it’s been like, striving to do your job well during this oscillating pandemic. You’ve had to creatively, wisely navigate through a changing protocol and challenging public. God bless you. Unfortunately, we the people can be an opinionated bunch. With great grace and understanding to the immunocompromised, may we always be aware and honoring of those around us.

A shout out to all the Olympians from earlier this month — and especially to you, Simone Biles…

So we don’t all think the same way on this… that’s ok.

When Simone, you made the decision that you were incapable of participating, I’ll be honest; it was hard. So many of us across the country and globe had come to gleefully cheer you on these past five years. You’re the G.O.A.T. And America loves her goats.  

But what some of us omitted in our reaction was that hard as it was for us, it had to be harder for you. One of the things I think we often forget — or I’ll make this just about me, throwing no one but self under the bus — but one of the things I often forget is the importance of proximity. Here I was feeling bad — a little heartbroken honestly… wanting to still cheer… thinking you could still somehow do it… feeling bad, too, for maybe someone who could have made the squad had you discerned this earlier… and then I realized how far I was away. I speak not of the approximate 7,250 miles between here and Tokyo; instead I acknowledge that I’m simply a fan on TV. I don’t have any intimate or close up view. My perspective is therefore limited by my proximity. Your perspective, Simone, is a zillion times better. Knowing that, I have great admiration for the one who realizes how important their mental, physical, and spiritual health is. I admire the example you are for the rest of us, being intentional in self care. May each of us always be aware of our proximity.

A shout out, too, to those who have reacted and responded to the current turmoil in Afghanistan honestly, transparently and with zero other agenda…

What’s happening in this Central-South Asian country is heartbreaking. The real life images are absolutely awful. That’s where I believe we should be most focused; let our prayers be heard. 

What I also believe is that the foresight, execution, and communication of the current administration has been chaotic, confusing, and deeply concerning. Hear me clearly: four administrations have had a role in what has transpired over the past 20 years; they thus hold some degree of culpability. But Pres. Biden’s actions and communication (or lack of it) have been equivocal at best. His unavailability to the American press and public is dubious. The entire situation is soberly disappointing.

I say all that first because due to our hyper-polarized political state, it’s tough to admit when someone we support makes a significant mistake; in fact, as a people, we’ve become pretty stingy in our extension of grace, thinking our leaders should never be susceptible to error. That doesn’t make sense to me. May we thus always offer mercy and grace — remembering mercy triumphs over judgment — but may we be humble enough, too, to admit our obvious errors in judgment.

And our final shout out, to you, the reader…

Writing the Intramuralist is truly a labor of love. I enjoy the writing, researching, observing, learning and interacting… I enjoy the humbling truth of knowing and acknowledging that I’m not always right. I don’t even always realize when I’m not right. But life is journey, a journey God gives us to learn and grow and learn how to love and respect one another. I thus am grateful to you… being on this journey together.

Respectfully — and thrilled to be back…


One Reply to “what has happened?”

  1. Thanks so much for taking a restful break to hang with family and friends and trusting your guest writers to do well in taking the helm. I agree they were excellent!
    As a former gymnast, gymnastics coach and Mom of 3 daughters who were gymnasts, I applaud your response concerning Simone Biles. She indeed showed more strength in stepping down from team and most individual events due to “ the twisties”. This happens often to athletes when they have been pressured physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This pressure can come from the press, public, coaches, advertisers, family, friends, self, etc.
    As a former athlete, our mind, body and Spirit must be synchronized towards the one goal we are shooting for. When stress sets in all those are threatened. For Simone Biles she is flipping and twisting so high, so far and so fast, when those are not in sync, she threatens her life, health and well-being of not just herself but her whole team and COUNTRY. She is already the Greatest of all Time. She now has the opportunity to Praise the Lord for giving her the strength, courage and ability to sacrifice the expected Gold Medals (which collect dust) for being an example to millions of future athletes who will also be faced with this possibility.
    “For where there is weakness, there is strength.” May WE ALL learn from her example and give her the prayer support she needs to move forward in knowing what she did was a valuable lesson for ALL for now and in the future.
    Lastly, she was sooo heavily promoted as the GOAT she even started to believe she was unbeatable. NO ONE is unbeatable.
    “ First comes pride, then the fall.” God uses these lessons to humble our hearts before him, causing us to realize we came from dust and will return to dust.
    Please join me in praying for Simone and all athletes who need to know:
    God loves them, has a plan for them, but because of our natural, sinful, prideful nature, we are totally lost without HIS love and forgiveness. Knowing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior assures us eternal life which is FAR better then any trophy collecting dust.♥️

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