it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Ah, it’s that time again… the time of the year in which one of the Intramuralist’s prioritized truths is made manifest.

But before we share, allow me to acknowledge a few of those major and minor truths. First, a few, five majors…

  • We believe in conversation.
  • We believe in conversation about the hard.
  • Conversation about the hard can happen well when we commit to never forgoing respect. Note: I said never.
  • We recognize that each of us sometimes blows it.
  • Hence, we also believe in humility and forgiveness. Humility is one of the values most lacking in our culture. In each and all of us.

We also promote some additional beliefs that society sometimes struggles with… for example, fitting in all sorts of categories, another five…

  • A person can be a Republican and still be a wise person.
  • A person can be a Democrat and still be a wise person.
  • A person can adhere to a Judeo-Christian value system and still be a _____________ (Fill in either Republican or Democrat).
  • A person can support abortion and still value babies.
  • A person can oppose abortion and still value women’s rights.

(Only examples. And sorry… we sometimes push the envelope a little. We also believe in a little respectful discomfort.)

All that to say that there are lots of opinions on this planet. There are opinions and preferences and deeper still, convictions. And guess what?

We’re not always right. I’m not always right. And the reality is that all too often we aren’t anywhere close to aware that we aren’t right.

That’s one of the many reasons I’m excited to share it’s time for the Intramuralist’s annual Guest Writers Series — that time of year we are intentional in promoting the perspectives shared by those other than me.

Friends, this is an articulate, bright and diverse group — diverse demographically, diverse politically and ideologically, too. I may or may not agree with their perspective. 

But that’s not the point. 

Each of these authors — persons deeply respected by me — is committed to sharing their perspective or story in a way that is respectful of the one who may feel differently. That’s a value we all share and a value we exist to promote.

Over the next 3-4 weeks you will hear from a group of people, each of whom has chosen a topic of which they are passionate. We’ll be discussing inflation, Roe, fact, fiction and more. We’ll talk about cognitive dissonance, January 6th, and even a little Bob Marley.

The Intramuralist truth thus made manifest over the course of these next few weeks is it is wise to listen to different people; varied perspective helps us grow. The echo chambers only, unknowingly stunt our growth.

We don’t believe in stunted growth. We believe in being sharpened by one another.

So enjoy the series, friends. Ask questions. Seek to grow.

May we always learn from the different. May we respect them even more.