sitting down with Josh

Meet my son, Josh. Josh, tell our readers a little bit about yourself…

“Well, for one thing, I boss up every day and all day.”

Help us a little. What does “boss up” mean?

“It means stand up for yourself and own it.”

Is that a good thing? And if so, why?

“Yes. It is a good thing. It’s all about being who you are and who you were created to be.”

I like it. Now before I ask you some deeper questions, give us a few fun facts about yourself — things you like, dislike, habits, etc.

“I like to play video games. I’m a gamer. I love to stay up. I’m almost 21 — this year, actually. I have some talented homies — in both Florida and Ohio. I’m famous on TikTok. Follow me. I love the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If I had to pick a dog or cat, I’d pick both. I love guacamole — a shout out to my queso buddies. Mexican restaurants are my go-to. I like parties. Ice cream cakes are the bomb. My Birthday Buddy has a piece of my heart. So do Steve and Barbara. Craig and Sally, too. My favorite candy is Reese’s. Chocolate is my friend. NonaStudents rocks. I work at Bark Nona. I love hip-hop. If you notice the words in my stories on social media, you’ll learn and see what I got my hip-hop from. I’m also growing in my faith.”

Tell me about that. I mean, faith is something we’ve each had to figure out on our own. What’s that journey been like for you?

“Well, it’s hard to find faith.”

What makes you say that? Why is it hard?

“Because it’s something that we sometimes think we’re too good to believe. Or we don’t like it or need it.”

Why do you think people don’t think they need it?

“Because we think we know what we’re doing, but we don’t.”

I don’t totally understand what you mean by that. Can you help? What are we missing?

“We like to think we’re in control — especially with all our emotions — and then that causes us problems, leaving God out of it.”

So if I hear you correctly, you have no doubt that God is real, true?


Is that a change in you? Did you used to doubt?

“I used to doubt. And I used to have questions. I still have questions about some life lessons, but I don’t have any questions about God being real or about how He feels about me.”

How do you believe God feels about you?

“He tells me I’m here for a reason. Here to stay. And He loves me big.”

What does it feel like for you, then, to know you are loved “big”?

“It’s amazing. Peaceful. And calm.”

Is that a change in you?

“It’s a different heart. A new start. A new day. I just want to love God and love people.”

No judgment — you know we don’t accept that in our household — but do you think current culture understands what it really means to love other people?

“To me, no. Sometimes they think violence or bullying or being mean is ok. God’s not ok with that.”

Do you think that’s just kids? Or are us adults guilty of it, too?

“Both. Adults sometimes think they’re nice or smart, but they’re not very wise. Wise people love people.”

Excellent. Thanks for your encouragement and insight. Anything else you wish to say?

“This blog is about love and respect. All of us need to improve our love and respect.”

Thanks, Josh. I think you rock.

“Boss up, Mom.”


AR & Josh

9 Replies to “sitting down with Josh”

  1. WOW Josh!! You hit that out of the park!! Great job!!

    I love what you say about “wise people love people.” That is such a true statement. There are people who claim to love people but their actions towards those people are hurtful. If you go around hurting people it doesn’t make you very wise does it?

    Always remember that faith is important because without it, we walk alone.

    I met you several years ago. I have always been a fan of yours.

    I too like to stay up late. I love dogs and cats, Mexican food and eating Reese’s!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

    Continue to BOSS UP and in the meantime, I’ll keep it real!



  2. Ann and Josh, that is absolutely a wonderful inspiring interview. I really think I needed that this morning. THANK YOU. Now it is time to boss up for today. Have a wonderful day. Love and miss you all.

  3. This one is hands down my absolute favorite ever. Period. End of the sentence. Josh will always and forever be my most favorite guest writer on the series. So very wise this young man. Josh, you are a gift from above.

  4. You have always held a special place in my heart, Josh! The day you climb on my bus my world shined brighter. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Miss Lynne

  5. My take away: “A different heart. A new start. A new day” Thanks Josh for this reminder of just how perfect God’s love is!

  6. Josh, I so enjoyed your interview today. I have enjoyed you from the first time you came in the dental office when you lived in Ohio. You are a very special young man, and God knew what he was doing when he put you on this earth!!!

  7. And you have a piece of my heart, birthday buddy! Always and forever. Your wisdom touches me in a big way.

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