a few more election observations

As of this week, the Intramuralist celebrated 14 years of existence. Thank you, readers! For the thousands of you who read weekly, I am grateful for your presence and participation. My intention has always been to honor you — in my words and in the sharing of my perspective — regardless of whether you agree or disagree. As has been said some three zillion times on this site (which may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it makes my point significantly better!), agreement does not matter. Agreement is not a prerequisite for respect.

That said, on Nov. 4, 2008, we ran a blog entitled “This is the Day.” It was Election Day, the year we saw the junior senator from Illinois defeat the senior senator from Arizona to become our nation’s 44th President.

In honor of that contest, we wittingly penned a top ten list of things learned from that election cycle. For example from that list, we observed:

  • Jesus would not be a Democrat OR a Republican.
  • Objectivity in the media cannot be assumed.
  • And Tina Fey is a comedic genius.

Let me suggest that I believe each of the above is still true. However, in honor of our anniversary, allow us to pen this season’s insights…


10. We are sadly, a politically divided country. A wise leader would tackle that first.

9. Most people don’t want singular party government. Too/two many parties think they should control all.

8. Neither the Democrats or Republicans can walk away thinking the majority of the country really likes, supports, or agrees with them and the distinct radical aspect that each has allowed to be attached to their party initiatives.

7. Mail-in ballots make a difference. Voter suppression seems less an issue than a last ditch effort by the lost.

6. There were some really weak candidates; some of them won.

5. There were some really strong candidates; some of them lost.

4. The media often magnified or diminished the weaknesses and strengths pending the specific media’s agenda. The media may be the perceived “biggest loser” of the midterms.

3. Candidates only called out election deniers in the party opposite theirs.

2. Presidents Biden and Trump each had and may continue to have a negative impact on a significant number of candidates.

And last but not least…

1. It may be exhausting to do this again in 723 days. 

But let me close this post with words again written 14 years ago. As said, I believe they remain true…

“As this election cycle closes, I find myself thankful that it’s over, weary of what it entailed, and hopeful for what is to come – and that’s regardless of whom I voted for. Two years for a campaign is too much… too much money, too much mudslinging, and too much manipulation. Each campaign attempts to manipulate us by promoting desired images, but not necessarily reality…

Let’s move ahead, being respectful of our leaders. Let’s get rid of using the word ‘hate.’ And let’s engage in respectful dialogue in this country, remembering above all else that we pledge ourselves to be one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

Blessings, friends… Thanks for being with me all these years. It’s been a challenge, joy, and labor of love all rolled into one. It’s been a privilege to do this with you.

That’s the beauty of it. We are all in this together. No matter what.



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  1. Still, as always, I appreciate your level-headed approach and perspective. Thank you for being the calm within the storm.

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