May’s questions

Let’s take a look at the month behind us. What were people talking about? What were they asking? Here are the first 100 Q’s we observed:

  1. A NY Jury Says Trump Is a Sexual Abuser. Now What?
  2. Are Limits on Gender Treatments, School Discussions Protecting or Harming Kids?
  3. Are the Nation’s Schools Failing?
  4. At 80, Can Biden Prove He’s Up To the Task?
  5. Biden Anxiety: What Should Democrats Do?
  6. Calif.: Why Hasn’t Massive Spending Cut Homelessness? 
  7. Can Biden Escape Fallout From Banking Turmoil?
  8. Can Biden Win Over the ‘Meh’ Voters Again in 2024?
  9. Can Biden Win Reelection by Being the ‘Alternative’?
  10. Can DeSantis Turn Trump Dominance Into Trump Doubts?
  11. Can GOP Be Persuaded To Vote for Someone Besides Trump?
  12. Can Joe Rogan Make Austin the U.S. Comedy Capital?
  13. Can Parents Trust Their Kids to Leftist Teachers Union?
  14. Can Reparations Bring Blacks Back to San Francisco?
  15. Can the Celtics do the impossible?
  16. Can Tim Scott’s Optimism Win Over The GOP?
  17. Can Trump Cure Biden’s Ills?
  18. Debt ceiling battle: Does it matter to your 401(k)?
  19. Debt talks run down to the wire: Does it have to be like this?
  20. DeSantis for President?
  21. Did Biden screw up his debt ceiling strategy?
  22. Do Americans really want “unbiased” news?
  23. Do Convictions Prove Capitol Riot ‘Was Not Spontaneous’?
  24. Do Dems Need Nixon-Like Intervention With Biden?
  25. Do RFK Jr.’s Supporters Really Know Who He Is?
  26. Do These Books Belong in Public School Libraries?
  27. Does identifying with religion make one more civic-minded?
  28. Does immigration increase housing costs?
  29. Does the term “anti-LGBTQ” show clear media bias?
  30. Four Tipping Points—Is the Left and Its Power Collapsing?
  31. From ‘Black Reconstruction’ to ‘Antiracist Baby’?
  32. GOP Claims Biden Is Compromised. Where’s the Proof?
  33. Has the Emerging Dem Majority Re-Emerged?
  34. Have Republicans Abandoned the American West?
  35. Hispanics Soured on Biden. Can He Win Them Back?
  36. How Bad Could A Government Default Get?
  37. How Have COVID Boosters Held Up?
  38. How Much Will Abortion Influence the 2024 Race?
  39. How popular is Joe Biden?
  40. How unpopular is Joe Biden?
  41. How Will Mr. DeSantis’ Wild Disney Ride End?
  42. If Biden Bows Out, How About Michelle Obama?
  43. Is AI the End of the World? Or Dawn of a New One?
  44. Is Democratic Unity Around Biden Breaking Apart?
  45. Is Dianne Feinstein the Victim of Sexism?
  46. Is Fox News in Trouble This Time?
  47. Is It Any Wonder Our Military Can’t Recruit?
  48. Is Target Selling ‘Tuck-Friendly’ Swimwear For Children?
  49. Is the debt ceiling stalemate just posturing — or is this time truly different?
  50. Is the Fed Done Raising Rates?
  51. Is the Press Too Cozy With the Administration?
  52. Is the Republican Party Growing Stronger?
  53. Is This the End of Russiagate?
  54. Is This the Navy’s Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney Moment?
  55. Is Ukraine a Game Changer for European Defense?
  56. Is White Supremacy the “Most Dangerous Terrorist Threat” as Biden Suggests?
  57. Jordan Neely’s Death: What Would You Have Done?
  58. Majority Don’t Think Biden Is Fit To Serve. Now What?
  59. Melatonin: Effective Sleep Aid or Public Health Threat?
  60. Mystery at the Midterm: What Happened to the Red Wave?
  61. Really CNN? A Town Hall for Trump Now?
  62. Republicans Are Targeting Kamala Harris. Will It Work?
  63. Sherrod Brown: The Last Democrat in Ohio?
  64. Some Evangelical Voters Aren’t Sold On Trump. Will That Help DeSantis?
  65. Time for Amendment To Oust Incapacitated Senators?
  66. Trump and CNN: Let the Lovefest Begin?
  67. Trump Is Stuck in 2020: ‘Do You Want 4 More Years of That?’
  68. We Need Regime Change in Russia—But How?
  69. What Does Ron DeSantis Bring to the Presidential Race?
  70. What Does Sentience Really Mean?
  71. What Happened to Elon Musk?
  72. What Has Gotten Into Republican Women?
  73. What Has Trump Cost American Christianity?
  74. What If DeSantis Runs to the Right of Trump?
  75. What Is Best-Performing Asset Type During Recession?
  76. What Kind of King Will Charles III Be?
  77. What Kind of Woman Rides the New York Subway?
  78. What Would Johnson Need To Do To Save Chicago?
  79. What’s in the debt ceiling deal Biden, McCarthy are negotiating?
  80. What’s The Deal With The Fight Over The Debt Ceiling?
  81. When Will the NAACP Issue a Travel Advisory for Chicago? 
  82. Where Do We Draw the Line on Ethics in Public Office?
  83. Where in the World Is Joe Biden?
  84. Where Is the Electoral Payoff to Progressivism?
  85. White House Swells Federal Union Ranks–But at What Cost?
  86. Will Elon Musk Break the Legacy Media Stranglehold?
  87. Who Can Rein In the Supreme Court?
  88. Who Helped Overturn the ‘Pentagon Papers Principle’?
  89. Who Is Behind Coordinated Attacks on High Court?
  90. Who Is Tim Scott, The GOP Candidate Who’s Combating Trump With Optimism?
  91. Who Is Tim Scott, the Latest GOP Presidential Candidate?
  92. Why Is DeSantis Announcing His Campaign in a Twitter Conversation With Elon Musk?
  93. Why Is George Santos Still in Office?
  94. Why Is My Gender Research Being Cancelled?
  95. Why Is Shapiro So Quiet on Pennsylvania’s Energy Policy?
  96. Will Abortion Kill the GOP?
  97. Will Court Ruling Against Trump Change Anything?
  98. Will Harris Be an Asset or a Liability for Dems in 2024?
  99. Will Philadelphia’s Progressive Machine Prevail?
  100. Will the Debt Ceiling Cave In?

Remember: the question mark is the only punctuation piece that actually invites a response. Below are the sources from which the above came. Interesting that some sources don’t ask a lot of questions… in other words, they don’t really seem to want a response. What kind of response would that be? Critical thinking? Analysis? Discerning on our own, with wise checkpoints what may be true? Ah, good questions…



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