why we do what we do

Maybe we should acknowledge what we actually do…

But first…

Let’s acknowledge our plethora of articulate guest writers… Well done!

What an insightful, diverse, eloquent group! While as said that the authors did not speak for me, as persons committed to respectful dialogue, I welcome their sharing. Agreement of perspective is unnecessary.

Let’s go there for a minute. 

Ever since our inception 15 years ago, The Intramuralist has been known as “a respectful dialogue of current events.” I continue, however, to observe our collective lack of understanding as to what exactly respectful dialogue is, as there are far too many times each of us justifies the slight or the silencing.

To be respectful means to hold in high regard — to be intentional in our humble consideration of one another. That means no slight. No thought that insult is ever an appropriate means of response.

A dialogue implies interaction — at least a two way flow in which all elements of a conversation take place — asking, informing, listening and thinking. That means no silencing. No thought that another doesn’t even deserve to be heard.

I get the temptation. There are times when we absolutely, vehemently disagree. We can’t believe another person could even think that way! And our passion can get so worked up, that we conclude the other person’s opinion is dangerous to even be held! We try to stop them. We try to obstruct their behavior, any sharing of their opinion.

I contend that the obstruction attempts are disrespectful and even more so, ineffective. Behavior modification will always be secondary to heart transformation. Get to know another. Walk a mile in their shoes. Ask questions. Work to understand. Understand why the different think and act the way they do.

The reason we do what we do at The Intramuralist is not to make everyone think like me. Oh, my… please no! I have so many places where my head isn’t on straight, I don’t even know it, and I have no desire to change my perspective at this time! … pickles should be outlawed… Pete Rose is my hero… and the two primary established political parties currently take turns being totally whacked!

I say all that not to say “think like me.” I say it acknowledging that each of us has places and perspectives in which we need to grow, and the slight or silencing doesn’t aid in prompting any of that growth.

The goal of respectful dialogue — honest and thoughtful conversation — is to better understand one another. The more we seek to understand, the more heart transformation can take place — potentially prompting increased wisdom in each of our perspectives.

That’s the beauty of our annual Guest Writers Series. While it provides time and space for intentional rest and reflection for this semi-humble blogger, it also gives us opportunity to practice what we preach. It is good to hear from diverse voices. It is good to learn from them, to have our own perspectives respectfully challenged. Regardless, yes, of agreement.

So that said, friends, we have things to talk about!

So much has happened in recent weeks… there were the awful flames that tore through Lahaina… continued conflict in Ukraine… a new COVID variant… the downgrading of the US’s bond credit rating from AAA to AA+… Burger King getting sued over the size of the Whopper… the first [sigh] 2024 Presidential debate… Twitter now identifying as a new letter of the alphabet… a bunch of seemingly too old of people feeling like they need to forever serve in elected office… Trump and Hunter still in the news… many wanting to turn the news off… not to mention the late summer cinematic hits of “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie.”

Oh, there’s so much to talk about!

So talk we will. 

We will ask, inform and listen, too.

For the record, we do so for a reason.

Respectfully… and so gleeful to be back!