what are you known for?

I threw a statement out here last week that I still can’t seem to shake. It’s something “wrestle-worthy,” as I like to say…

Are we known more for what we are for?


For what we are against?

I think that question is vital…

… vital for our relationships…
… vital for how we are perceived…
… vital for our sphere of influence…
… and vital for the peace in our very own hearts.

For example…

Are you known more for your advocacy?
… or for your opposition?

Are you known more for the teams you root for?
… or for teams you always hope will lose?

Are you known more for your acts of charity?
… or for your thinking that another does not deserve what they already have?

Are you known more for your thankfulness for what you have?
… or for your complaints about what you do not?

Are you known more for the faith you represent?
… or for the faith practices you outspokenly hate?

Are you known more for the cause of which you’re passionate?
… or for the initiative you desire to derail?

Are you known more for your friends on Facebook?
… or for those you’ve intentionally decided to “unfriend”?

Are you known more the people you love?
… or for the people you can’t stand?

Are you known more for your words of affirmation and encouragement?
… or for your sometimes vulgar rants of putting another in their place?

Are you known more for how you service others?
… or for how others inconvenience you?

I humbly ask…

What are you known for?

And where does what you are known for need to change?


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