they. don’t. care.

So I really appreciated the dialogue after our last post, “Four Days After Parkland.”

There have been strong opinions, intense emotions.

And truthfully, that makes me thankful. Why?

Because people care.

I’ll say that again. Seventeen innocents died and people care.

Isn’t that the point we miss most in some of our tough topic discussions?

We assume that because people come from a wide variety of angles (note: far more than a mere two) that they don’t care.

We think They. Don’t. Care.

Isn’t that the reality?

And once we’ve convinced ourselves that another (again: far more than the other) side/person doesn’t care, then we can justify believing and calling them morally inferior (… and yes, I actually saw one adult use that exact description in another thread).


Friends, this is tough. This is us. And this is sad.

This is sad.


Because reasonable people…
… intelligent people…
… good-thinking people…
… good-hearted people…

… typically reasonable, intelligent, good-thinking, and good-hearted people are justifying thinking of whole other people groups as morally inferior.

As the weekend thread about Parkland evolved some forty plus comments later, I had one sincere friend succinctly pose her concern that the days of people coming together, wanting to make lasting change, are permanently gone. Instead of listening to other angles and perspectives, because we are assuming that another side/person is morally inferior — in other words, because we are assuming the worst in another — we justify exerting only our opinion… because…

WE are morally superior.

Friends, with all due respect… knowing I can be just as guilty… do we see the arrogance and judgment in that assumption?

… to believe we are morally superior to another?

I continue to believe that our country is digressing morally and socially. It’s not because certain traditions no longer exist nor because we’re less old-fashioned or more technologically advanced.

It’s instead manifest in how we treat each other… how typically reasonable, intelligent, good-thinking, and good-hearted people treat each other.

No man/woman is morally superior. Each of us was created by the great big God of the universe — not one better than another.

That’s it, friends.

We care.


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  1. Thank you. After some comments made about me, some from people I’ve never met, I was feeling pretty low on Sunday. It’s incredibly odd to be discussing ideas and then suddenly have a personal insult thrown at me as an argument. Would this happen if the discussion took place in person rather than online? Thanks for helping me put it in perspective and keeping me humble, Anne.

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