what can we sacrifice in leadership?

Today we do something different.

Today we offer solely two sentences — two sentences I recently read that made me think…

… and think some more.

The sentences come via a backdrop of how challenged we are in search of virtuous, effective leadership; it seems too many are too willing to sacrifice something, looking past the fault lines in one leader, accepting something perhaps we should not.

Leadership can’t be sacrificed, friends…

Virtue can’t be sacrificed.

Effectiveness can’t be sacrificed.

And yet way too often we are willing to sacrifice something…

“Well, he/she isn’t as bad as the other.”

Note: something’s wrong when we are comparing levels of “badness.”

And then I saw this note from author and pastor Rick Warren, the wise man honored with giving the invocation at the presidential inauguration in January of 2009.

Later, in 2012, Warrant offered these two sentences:

“The world is desperately looking for an authoritative message in a humble personality.

That combination is irresistible.”



Want to find an effective leader?

Want to be an effective leader?

It starts with genuine humility.

(Ok, so maybe a few more sentences than two…)