a chance to get my vote

[Welcome to our annual Guest Writer Series! Meet CAZ, Guest Writer #3 (of 12). CAZ is thoughtful and honest. Never one to shy from tough topics — albeit respectfully — here we go again…]


I admit it. I am not particularly proud of President Trump.

I’m happy about the Supreme Court. I’m glad the economy is doing reasonably well. And I’m pleased that we have not waived the white flag in the so-called culture wars.

But the guy is a narcissist. Everything he does is the best. Just ask him. Even though he speaks at about a fourth-grade level, he still claims, “I know the best words.” I can’t decide if he is a bald-faced liar or just doesn’t know any better, but he’s pretty loose with facts. The claim that George Washington took over the airports in the Revolutionary War might have been the last straw. How embarrassing.

Given my lack of enthusiasm — and I’m as conservative as anyone I know — the Democrats have every opportunity to recapture the White House in 2020. Except their nomination process is not about choosing the person for whom most Americans would vote. Their process requires getting the most votes from people who vote in the Democratic primaries.

So their presidential debates have devolved into a sort of sophomoric prank — who can offer the most outlandish proposal and keep a straight face? You said that? Well, watch this. Some examples….

Free Healthcare — They differ on how many people’s private insurance they would take away and how to pay for it, if at all, but almost all of the candidates want the government to take over our healthcare system. There are various estimates of how much this would cost, but they hover around $3 trillion a year. That’s trillion with a “t.” Total tax revenue is about $3.3 trillion annually. So get ready for your taxes to double.

Open Borders — All but one of the recent debate participants raised their hand agreeing that it should no longer be a crime to cross the U.S. border. And they all raised their hand that once here, those immigrants should receive free health care. Remember that $3 trillion price tag? Not even close….

Slavery Reparations — I abhor discrimination, which clearly still exists, but at least it is now illegal. This notwithstanding, about half the Democratic field thinks people who never owned slaves ought to pay people who never were slaves as some way of making up for slavery. You think this is going to help race relations? This is nothing short of political bribery, “Vote for me, and I will give you money.” In fact, that would be more honest.

Free College — Why? I suppose to be more inclusive with the vote purchasing. This is one of the less expensive proposals, only about $70 billion a year. Though it neglects the dynamic that people will always look to differentiate themselves, so if college becomes the new high school, graduate school will become the new college.

Student Loan Forgiveness — Another $1.5 trillion. Why? See above.

Green New Deal— We can debate global warming or climate change all you want, and I’m all for taking care of the environment, but every American could give up their planes, trains, and automobiles, and it’s not going to make one hill of beans difference in the earth’s temperature. This one would cost more than everything listed above, and it would contract if not cripple our economy. Do you really want to go back to wood-burning stoves and horse-drawn carriages?

I know that The Intramuralist is all about respectful dialogue, and it truly is in that spirit that I offer the following question. I also know there are lots of readers who have been drawn by the political appeal of these proposals — and that is exactly what they are, political appeals, with little chance of becoming law and even less of being paid for.

But I share my reaction to these proposals to try to help you understand the mindset of the disenfranchised Trump voter: Are these people crazy?

You have a chance to get my vote. But I don’t care one bit about the Mueller Report, no matter how much you yell and scream about it. You’ve got to nominate someone who makes legitimate policy proposals.

Otherwise I’m going to end up voting for Trump again.