how I get in the way

I’m sorry.

I’ve got to confess.

Sometimes I’ve been judgmental.

Sometimes I’ve been indignant.

Sometimes I’ve convinced myself that I am totally right, forgetting how limited my perspective may be.

Sometimes I’ve forgotten that of course, my perspective is limited; I am incapable of seeing absolutely all things.

Many times I have allowed my emotion to dictate my truth. And because I feel this way, I knowI know — my gut is right on. And then I allow the fact that I think I know to justify my entire behavior.

How do I actually behave?

Ah, yes… there comes the judgment… the indignation… the “yes, we can talk about it, but inside, I am right, and you will be the only one of us that needs to change. I know that…”

Wow… what a conversation killer.

What a mind block.

What an obstacle for even the most intelligent.

I pause here. Sighing. Thinking about how I get in the way. 


Because there is a realization that too many times we suggest all-of-the-above only applies to someone other than self. Someone other than “me.”

And just like that once more we miss the point.

Once more we play God.

We play God by acting as if we don’t have more to learn… that we do have life all figured out… that we really can see all sides of something… all 360° of perspective… 

We play God by thinking we are so wise… we are so good… we have so much to teach the world around us…

We play God when we fail to be humble. That’s it.

We play God when we treat any one person or people group as lesser. Any one.

Hence, as God advocates for treating no one lesser, we play God when we forget about Him.

Let it never be said of us that we have forgotten God.

Let it never be said of us that we have failed to remember the great big, awesomely creative, Creator of the universe.

That realization should profoundly affect the way we treat all people… and not just those that agree with us or we consider likeminded. 

That realization should profoundly affect how we funnel the information we hear and consider what is true.

That realization should profoundly affect you and me.

Respectfully… still thinking, too…