a little more specific… across the globe…

Last Sunday, while billions gathered around the globe to celebrate Easter and Passover, a significant people group was unable to gather… unable to praise in any pew, sing any song, nor break any sacred bread together.

Multiple, coordinated bombs exploded in Sri Lanka Sunday morning, killing more than 300, injuring near 500 more.

Let us be more specific…

Three churches and four hotels were targeted; two of the hotels were 5-star hotels offering an Easter-themed breakfast.

The United Nations is reporting that at least 45 children were killed.

At 8:45 a.m. the first bombs went off at St. Anthony’s Shrine, a large Catholic church, and St. Sebastian’s Church. 

20 minutes later, after some of the hotel explosions, the Zion Evangelical Church in Batticaloa was attacked.

The blasts were each during — or when gathering — for their Easter service.

Let us be more specific still…

These people were targeted because of what they believe.

Please read that sentence again…

These people were targeted because of what they believe.

Australian attender Sudesh Kolonne walked out of St. Sebastian only moments before the blast. He turned around, horrifically finding his 10-year-old daughter Alexendria dead on the floor. Her mother was also killed… “I don’t know what to do… we never expected this”… the shock amidst the horror, no doubt.

Friends, this is awful. Truly, no one blog post says anywhere close to enough — the shock, again, amidst the horror… the absolute horror of terrorism. There is no place for such evil on Earth. And nothing compares to that.

But I do have an underlying concern.

Remember once more that nothing compares to the violence used that espouses the extremist ideologies of foreign terrorist organizations, nations, or of a radical political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

Where I get concerned, no less, is with the increasing extent of people and people groups who conclude that the conviction of another is not allowed to even exist. My concern rises more when I watch the reverence for Christianity and Judaism dissipate in current culture.

Friends, I have never been one promoting the “war on Christianity” rhetoric. If you are a long time Intramuralist reader, you will know that we advocate for “war” to only describe war, the state of armed conflict. “War” is, therefore, a word believed to be too often, grossly misused.

But I do wonder is if there are people who are becoming increasingly intolerant of the mere existence of Christianity and/or Judaism. Take note of recent observations:

  • 3 black churches burning in one Louisiana parish
  • Increased anti-Semitic statements coming from elected U.S. leadership
  • And the Christian churches targeted on Easter morning

Nothing — again, nothing — compares to terrorism. But I do question whether society is sliding down some dangerous, slippery slope, especially if and when any of us conclude that the conviction of another must be silenced or cease to exist.

To me, that’s a pretty scary reality… long after Easter morning has gone.