questions of the week

As we do 2-3 times yearly, let’s take a look at the week in questions. Why do we do this? One, because it reveals the subjectivity of the news. And two, because the Intramuralist likes questions.

According to The 74 Million, ABC, American Greatness, Associated Press, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, CNN, The Daily Beast, Deseret News, The Economist, ESPN, Film Daily, FOX News, The Hill, Huffington Post, Inside Hook, MSNBC, National Geographic, National Review, The New Center, New York Post, The New York Times, New Yorker, Politico, Poynter, Project Syndicate, Real Clear Energy, Real Clear Markets, Real Clear Politics, The Spectator, Sporting News, Substack, TK News, Townhall, USA Today, Vox, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and Yahoo!, here are 65 questions the left, right, and “in between” utilized to headline their “news,” attempting to get our attention last week…

  1. A Grand Bargain on Wages and Immigration?
  2. A Swarm of Earthquakes Shakes Iceland. Are Volcanic Eruptions Next?
  3. America Uncanceled?
  4. Can America Escape the Stimulus Trap?
  5. Can Democrats Rig the Vote Forever?
  6. Can Democrats Stop the GOP Assault on Voting Rights?
  7. Can Duke Make the NCAA Tournament?
  8. Can Joe Biden Get America Out of the Middle East?
  9. Can the U.S. Economy Grow Without Immigration?
  10. Can We Put an End to the Vaccine Hunger Games?
  11. Could a Celebrity Candidate Roil the Newsom Recall Waters?
  12. Could Tiger Woods Have Been Asleep at the Wheel Before Crash?
  13. Cuomo allegations: What do Democrats Who Believed Kavanaugh Accusations Think?
  14. Do We Even Need the Golden Globes?
  15. Double Standard?
  16. How Does a Mass Vaccination Site Work?
  17. How Has a Year in the Pandemic Changed You?
  18. How Is Chris Cuomo Still On the Air at CNN?
  19. How Often Do Fact Checkers Write Off Trump’s Claims As ‘Misleading’?
  20. How Will Prince Harry and Meghan Make Their Money, Now that Royal Duties Are Behind Them?
  21. How Would Jesus Vote?
  22. Is a Spring Coronavirus Surge Inevitable?
  23. Is a Universal Basic Income Coming Closer to Reality?
  24. Is Biden Losing the Immigration Debate?
  25. Is Censorship the Answer?
  26. Is Dr. Seuss a Tipping Point in Left’s Cancel Culture War?
  27. Is Mob Justice Now Poetic Justice?
  28. Is It OK to Be Optimistic about Covid-19 Now?
  29. Is Plagiarism Legal?
  30. Is It Racist to Expect Black Kids to Do Math for Real?
  31. Is It Time to Admit That Tom Brady’s Witch Doctor Wellness Routine Actually Works?
  32. Is It Time to Put Wind Energy on Ice?
  33. Is the Biden Administration Stumbling Into War?
  34. Is The “K-Shaped” Recovery Con Finally Over?
  35. Is This the Covid-19 Endgame?
  36. In Land of Lincoln, What’s Wrong with Statues of Honest Abe?
  37. Neanderthal?
  38. Neera Tanden: First Cabinet-Level Casualty of the Twitter Age?
  39. The Indians Knew About Mickey Callaway’s Behavior. Why Didn’t They Do Anything About It?
  40. Was COVID-19 Our Neutron Bomb?
  41. What Are the Chances Tiger Woods Makes Another Comeback?
  42. What Constitutes A ‘Misleading’ Claim About Guns?
  43. What Do Democrats Who Believed Kavanaugh Accusations Think?
  44. What Do Predictions of ‘Herd Immunity’ Mean For Schools?
  45. What Does National Security Even Mean Anymore?
  46. What Exactly Are Uber-Woke Educators Teaching Our Kids?
  47. What Is an Earmark?
  48. What Will China Do With the World’s Largest Navy?
  49. What’s Happening with the University of Texas and ‘The Eyes of Texas’ School Song?
  50. What’s in the COVID Relief Bill?
  51. What’s Really Behind Corporate Promises on Climate Change?
  52. When Can We Go on Vacation Again?
  53. Where Did Millions of Dollars in Donations to Black Lives Matter Go?
  54. Who Do Sportsbooks Think the Patriots’ Starting Quarterback Will Be in 2021?
  55. Who Killed Chicago?
  56. Who Would Volunteer to Fact-Check Twitter?
  57. Who’s on the Bubble?
  58. Why Do Biden’s Handlers Have Him Back in the Basement?
  59. Why Have Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Ditched the Royal Family?
  60. Why Is Facebook Banning Myanmar Military Gages?
  61. Why Is Joe Biden Dodging the Public and the Press?
  62. Will Vaccines Help Newsom Survive Recall in California?
  63. Will the Real President Please Stand Up?
  64. Will You Still Get a Third Stimulus Check Under the New Senate Plan?
  65. Would More Funding for Low-Quality Schools Help?

Let’s keep asking questions. Let’s also be cognizant of subjectivity.