what they don’t want us to know

There’s an old French saying — “prendre la chèvre” — meaning “to take the goat.” Tradition suggests that taking another’s goat was one way people used to get milk. Unsurprisingly, such would oft anger the goat’s owner. The ever-useful A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English says such may be the origin for the contemporary idiom, “that gets my goat!”

As we take stock of the current political state, as an advocate of focusing on what is good and right and true and thus prioritizing respect for all people — whether they think/look/act like us or not — there is one aspect of current day politicians that arguably most makes me want to learn a little more of the aforesaid French.

I’m pretty sure, in fact, this doesn’t rest solely with me. Take note of most opinion polling; our collective dissatisfaction with politicians is abundantly overflowing. On the right. And on the left. I am being kind. Even with those we perceive to be ideologically likeminded, there aren’t many who represent us that we’re all that immensely thrilled about.

Today we’re toying with the why. 

Let me be clear that I, for one, certainly don’t speak for all people; that’s one of the luring social pitfalls even the intelligent have been prone to fall into… like somehow a woman can speak for all women… a man can speak for all men… a straight person can speak for all straight people or a person of color can speak for all people of color. I mean absolutely no disrespect to any. I simply think it’s illogical to think that a singular person has the ability to represent an entire people group. We’re too beautifully diverse for that to qualify as sound reason.

All that to say, what gets my goat is when the Biden’s and Trump’s of the country and all their surrogates (and of course, far more — they’re just the current most prominent) work to divide us. They are intentional — meaning they’re doing it on purpose — in saying things to make us conclude that we have nothing in common with those who think differently; they want us to think if another thinks a little differently, that they think totally differently; they want us to think we are the only ones who actually care. The Biden’s/Trump’s/etal. couldn’t be more wrong.

Allow me to introduce you to the latest feature from AllSides, a current events resource long utilized and encouraged by the Intramuralist. Regular readers will note that AllSides is the outlet from which we receive our updates in regard to media bias. They are excellent. They are truthful. They are fair.

The mission of AllSides is to “free people from filter bubbles so they can better understand the world — and each other.” How do those inconspicuous filter bubbles occur? “A filter bubble occurs when someone is only exposed to news that confirms his or her beliefs, or solely interacts with like-minded peers. The result? A society where people only see one side, leading to a highly polarized political environment.”

Friends, a society where people only see one side, leading to a highly polarized political environment, is not good nor right nor true. 

Yesterday, AllSides announced the “AllSides Bridging Community.” This resource is a news and information hub that does the exact opposite of the goat takers. It instead highlights efforts to bridge divides and actually find that common ground. Yes, common ground exists. 

On their website, you can find the following articles:

  • “Here’s Where Democrats and Republicans Agree on the Supreme Court”
  • “Democrats and Republicans Actually Agree on Many Policing Reforms”
  • “Here’s Where Democrats and Republicans Agree on Abortion”
  • “Here’s Where Democrats and Republicans Agree on Crime”
  • “Unexpected Overlaps: Republican Voters Believe Humans Contribute to Climate Change, Support Limiting Emissions”
  • “Republicans and Democrats Actually Agree on These Gun Restriction Policies”
  • “Democrats and Republicans Actually Agree on These Immigration Views and Policies”
  • “Democrats and Republicans Actually Both Support These Free Speech Positions”

Look at that. Look at all we potentially have in common.

Know what else I see?

A list of things the Biden’s/Trump’s/etal. will never talk about. That is poor leadership.

The reality is, friends, that we have tons in common. Having tons in common means with wise leadership we could solve some of the challenges currently plaguing our country. Our politicians don’t want us to know that.

That actually does a little more than get my goat.



2 Replies to “what they don’t want us to know”

  1. Hi cuz,I will definitely have to look this up. It may bring interesting responses from my husband who I fear has a one sided opinion….just go to Allsides.com?
    Have a great day.

    1. Yes! http://www.allsides.com. There is a lot of content there, from their media bias analysis to current events reported (and noted as) from a left, right and center source. It’s really helpful in framing an issue and seeing what angles we might be conveniently (albeit not necessarily purposefully) omitting. Best wishes!

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