need someone to vote for?

Ok, I’ll speak for myself. I need someone to vote for this November. And please, no worries if you already have that someone. I don’t. But I absolutely respect the right of each American citizen to vote for the person of their choice; it would be imperious of me to assume otherwise. 

For me, I’m simply not enthusiastic about the choice lining up for the fall. It is disturbing to me that of the 341 million plus people that live in the United States, this is the best we’ve got to represent us. It seems clear that if I vote for either, I will have to sacrifice something…  

Capacity. Compassion. Competence.

And that’s just starting with the letter “c.”

Thankfully, though — no doubt because I am not alone in my sizable lack of enthusiasm for the current choice — as of last week, the decision has been made to offer us a something new… a ticket based on commonsense and common ground… a ticket that sacrifices none of the above… a ticket that sincerely promotes unity.

As has been written here previously, remember that there is a key distinction between unity and uniformity. “Uniformity” means we all have to think, act and be the same. “Unity” recognizes that we are not the same, but yet, we come together, accepting others, collaborating, honoring others where they are. 

A group called “No Labels” voted last week to offer America the choice of a true “Unity Ticket” in the 2024 presidential election. 

Note that No Labels is a centrist political organization that was founded 14 years ago. Its intent has never been to become a political party; its aim has always been to solve the problems that actually plague our country. Lord knows we have our share of problems. And unfortunately, the established political parties seem to feel that the only viable solutions are to follow “only them.” There is this ugly partisan hubris permeating legislative and executive decision-making that seems to elevate singular party power over working with others, recognizing differences, and coming together to see how to best resolve a challenge. So much of that approach clashes with the value of honoring all others and learning to love one’s neighbor as oneself.

Hence, I am grateful No Labels has decided to launch a ticket that will give us opportunity to reinvigorate our voting enthusiasm. 

“Elections belong to the people,” as Abraham Lincoln once said. Hear what Lincoln didn’t say: Elections belong to the party. 

Hence, it’s also disturbing when we learn that the two existing primary presidential tickets are now actively working to deny us this choice; they don’t want the Unity Ticket on the ballot; they are spreading fear and misinformation. I must admit, it prompts a bit of a sneer and sarcastic chuckle in me, especially when we hear the left and the right passionately discuss the need to defend democracy. Their attempt to stop No Labels is a clear contradiction of any such defense.

In those efforts then to exclude the broadening of our presidential choice, some have actively blamed No Labels for making this election such a mess; they question what No Labels is doing. They go so far as to suggest that No Labels will make it so their candidate can’t win. With all due respect, let me suggest that if a party’s candidate can’t win, the party nominated the wrong candidate.

Capacity. Compassion. Competence.

That’s what we’re looking for; it shouldn’t have to be sacrificed.

Let’s add to that: commonsense, common ground. Let’s throw in integrity and unifying while we’re at it. We’ll address significantly more attributes readers have offered in our next post.

But what I think is so attractive in this unique moment in modern U.S. political history, is that No Labels is courageously putting country first. They care about this country more than the demands of any political party. It shows; they want to solve the problems that exist.

Tired of all the angry candidates?

Tired of the persons who justify denigrating someone?

Need someone to vote for?

I’m excited to see who will be on the ticket; they will be made known soon. It will be one Republican and one Democrat. Working together, modeling respectful and collaborative problem-solving. On all issues. It will be honoring of all people. 

Suffice it to say, my enthusiasm is rising already.