questions from 2023

As is our frequent practice, let us ask what people are asking. We surveyed the sites to see what questions are asked. Note: if a site isn’t referenced, they may indeed be a resource that isn’t very fluent in posing inquiries; they may more tell us what to think than ask us what to think. Granted, as Intramuralist readers have long known, the question mark is the only punctuation piece that invites a response.

Here, then, are 75 questions we’ve witnessed in recent weeks, being asked in the news:

  1. Are Americans Still Capable of Self-Government?
  2. Are Blue States Ready To Relax Their Bans On Later Abortions?
  3. Are Standardized Tests Racist, or Are They Anti-Racist?
  4. Are ‘The Walls Closing In’ on Joe Biden?
  5. Are We Too Worried About Misinformation?
  6. Beyond Biden: Who’s Next?
  7. The Biden Papers & Mar-a-Lago Docs: Apples & Oranges?
  8. Can America Rediscover What Made It Great?
  9. Can Anything Be Done To Assuage Rural Rage?
  10. Can DeSantis ‘Deprogram’ Blue States?
  11. Can the GOP Become a Real Working-Class Party?
  12. Can the White House Clean-Up Crew Rescue Biden?
  13. CNN: The Comedy News Network?
  14. The DeSantis “knockout blow” for Trump?
  15. Did Tua Tagovailoa’s Concussions or Damar Hamlin’s Injury Hurt NFL More?
  16. Do GOP Leaders Want Trump In 2024?
  17. Does Anyone Still Think Biden Is Democrats’ Best Option?
  18. Fact Check: Does Project Veritas Video Show Pfizer Is Mutating COVID?
  19. Force Workers to Pay Fees to Big Labor for Making Them ‘Worse Off?’
  20. God, Will Prince Harry Shut Up?
  21. House Dems Were Smug, But Do They Have a Plan?
  22. How can we get justice for Tyre Nichols and other victims of police brutality?
  23. How Did U.S. Let Google Get So Powerful In the First Place? 
  24. How popular is Joe Biden?
  25. How unpopular is Joe Biden?
  26. How will the Russia-Ukraine war end?
  27. How will we know if the US economy is in a recession?
  28. How worried should you be about your gas stove?
  29. Is Biden a Viable Candidate for 2024?
  30. Is Haley Setting a ‘Man-Trap’ for 2024 Rivals? 
  31. Is It Fair To Compare Biden’s And Trump’s Classified Documents Scandals?
  32. Is It Payback Time for Democratic Zealots?
  33. Is it really offensive to say ‘the French’?
  34. Is Our Ukrainian Optimism Misplaced?
  35. Is the NFL rigged? 
  36. Is This the End of Lori Lightfoot?
  37. Is U.S. Headed Toward Socialism?
  38. Isn’t It Time for Adam Schiff To Be Expelled From Congress?
  39. Looking For A Tax Break?
  40. Recent infighting raises the question: How conservative is the GOP?
  41. Since When Was a Debate Over Spending Unreasonable?
  42. Ukraine War: Closer to Nightmare Scenario?
  43. Was ‘Every Conspiracy Theory’ About Twitter True?
  44. We can’t say ‘aloha’ now, either?
  45. Were Black Officers Really ‘Driven by Racism’?
  46. Were the Justices Investigated in the Dobbs Leak Probe?
  47. What Did Biden Know & When Did He Know It?
  48. What happened to Tyre Nichols?
  49. What is the Memphis police SCORPION unit?
  50. What Will Political Arsonist Matt Gaetz Do w/New Powers?
  51. What would ‘winning’ in Ukraine mean?
  52. What’s Behind ‘Unusual’ Hunter Biden Email?
  53. Where Are Oil Prices Heading In 2023?
  54. Where is the rest of the Tyre Nichols story?
  55. Who is George Santos and why is he in trouble?
  56. Who was Tyre Nichols, the man allegedly murdered by 5 Memphis police officers?
  57. Who’s Laughing Now?
  58. Who’s the Intolerant Jerk?
  59. Why Are Hacks Like Stephen Colbert Fawning Over Harry?
  60. Why Are M&M’s Caving to Rightwing Anti-Woke Pressure?
  61. Why Have the Biden Papers Surfaced—& to What End?
  62. Why, Only Now, Is All of This Coming Out?
  63. Why Won’t ‘Transparent’ Biden Open Delaware Records?
  64. Will Americans Even Notice an Improving Economy?
  65. Will Biden Think Twice About Running for Reelection?
  66. Will ‘no regrets’ be Biden’s epitaph as the classified docs pile up?
  67. Will the Corrupt FBI Come to Biden’s Rescue?
  68. Will Republicans Blow Up the Global Economy?
  69. Will the Supreme Court Torpedo the Financial System?
  70. Will Tyre Nichols’s Murder Finally Make Congress Do Something About Police Reform?
  71. With Billions at stake, why do we allow NFL referees to make “BAD CALLS”?
  72. Would Putting South Carolina First Give Black Democrats A Stronger Voice?
  73. The Year Feinstein Finally Retires?
  74. $18 a dozen: how did America’s eggs get absurdly expensive?
  75. $60 Billion In COVID Fraud?

I will always value both the art and the discipline of asking good questions. Such is the key to respectful dialogue.



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