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So we’ve come to the end of our annual Guest Writer Series, and our final post features a young man who asked to again join us and share his thoughts. It was he who came up with the topic, the title, and he asked me to interview him, recording his answers to the questions.

Meet my son, Josh, a 21 year old, articulate and talented young man…

Josh, how would you describe yourself?

“You know me. Isn’t’ it obvious? I’m chill, cool… I like being the life of the party. I like hip hop, fun stuff like parties… I like to play cards… sports — but no baseball, tennis or soccer. I like to play video games, especially GTA, WWE and 2K NBA 2023.”

Anything else our readers should know about you?

“Yeah. Some of you don’t know I have Down syndrome and what Downs means. It means when someone’s really special, they get diagnosed with having a specific gift that God has for them. Having Down syndrome, it can be hard sometimes. But I know my Father has good plans for me.

I don’t want to offend anyone. I’m sorry if I do. I care about your opinion. 

But the main thing here today is that it’s ok to have Downs. It’s ok to be different.”

What does it mean to you to be different?

“Being different is hard to know. It’s like twins; you can’t tell them apart. So you can’t always tell that you’re different. Some people can’t tell that people who have Downs are different.”

Do you feel different?



“I just came with a special heart. I know God created me this way and He doesn’t make mistakes.”

Do you think the rest of the world understands that?


What do you think we don’t always get?

“That God’s real and that He can bless the different.”

Do you feel blessed?

“Yes. I have great gifts, like being active, having a job with dogs — that’s been new for me. I have a great family. I care about my family. And I’ve got some really good friends (a shout out to Karen and Mark, Birthday Buddy, Steve and Barbara and my bros).”

Do you think each of us is blessed?

“Yes, although some things that happen to us are bad.”

What helps you when experience things that are bad?

“I listen to music. It calms me down. It cools down my vibe.”

What else?

“I talk to God. I listen to opinions from my homies as to how God can change things, change lives, and make things better.”

Have you ever talked to God about being different? If so, what did He say?

“He said ‘I know it’s hard to be different, Josh, but you can always come to me. You’re my child, and you are a special person — a special person who’s really a masterpiece.’

If anyone doesn’t feel like a masterpiece, they’re really missing out on how God feels about them.”

How does it feel to be a masterpiece?

[He immediately grins from ear to ear…] “It’s better than good. It’s even better than amazing.”

Thanks, Josh.


AR for Josh

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is fabulous…. Thank you Josh – this absolutely made my day!

  2. I think Josh is an exceptional guy! Very smart and wise. He’s truly a gift ..thank you for sharing this , I loved every word and he truly is Gods masterpiece.

  3. I love this!
    Josh, I wish I lived closer so I could hang out with you & get to know you better. You are so wise & your deep faith is an inspiration to me!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Keep being you Josh .. Loved this.. He is truly exceptional.. Sending hugs and good vibes always!♥️

  5. Josh is indeed a masterpiece! I wish more people knew their identity in Christ as clearly as Josh does. Thanks for being an example and sharing your heart, Josh!

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