forks, fruit & friends

“You want me to eat that?!”

Sorry, it was green and sloppy. Kind of totally mushy and a wee bit dripping. 

Callaloo. That’s what they called it. It’s a vibrant, green leafy plant with supposedly so many good things in it for you. You stew it or steam it or even whip up some kind of creative salad. It’s a staple in Caribbean countries. In Grenada, where I spent last weekend, it’s a common popular side. Think kale or collard greens with a southern flare.

There’s only one problem — good for me, as it must be — I don’t eat much that’s green and mushy. And if I’m honest, it really has nothing to do with the flavor; it’s not that bad; it’s kind of tasty. But it’s a texture issue for me. Years ago, I made kind of an internal personal mantra that I would never eat something green, unless I was able to clearly stab it with a fork.

And let’s not even address that which is mushy or moist.

But alas, we digress. Let me slightly share about Grenada. If you fly down the Caribbean curve, it’s pretty much the last large island before you hit Venezuela. Perhaps the more technically correct way to say it, is that it’s the southernmost island in the Antilles archipelago, bordering the eastern Caribbean Sea and western Atlantic Ocean. From my house, it’s approximately 1,702 miles away (not that I Googled it or anything).

It’s known as the “Spice Island,” known for its nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric and more. Cocoa, fish and fruit are additional exports (check out the golden apple and soursop).

It’s also known for its waterfalls and even an active volcano (Kick ’em Jenny!). How wild it was to walk alongside, still (thankfully) at the moment.

But for me it’s not known for any cinnamon nor spice. While beautiful— coastlines, beaches and more — for me the greatest beauty is found in something more.

Oh, how I love the people!

It’s amazing how dear our friendship has become…

We’re from different places.

We’ve been raised maybe a little differently.

Our cultures are different.

It would make sense that from different places, raised a little differently, from different cultures, we would look at some things differently. We would believe some things differently… we’d have some different convictions.

So why does it work? How can it really be so dear?

Because we focus on two things…

One, we know we were each created by the great big God of the universe.

And two, we know one of the key ways we love Him back is by loving one another well.

We pay too much attention to differences, friends.

We justify allowing lesser things to get in the way.

Ok, I’ll try it… no matter the mushy…

Please pass the fork.



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