questions from January

As we always encourage the asking and answering of questions — listening, too — here is what we witnessed asked by media in January of 2024:

  1. Americans Want Change, Can the GOP Get It Together?
  2. Are EVs Actually Cheaper To Own?
  3. Are Latino voters really defecting in droves to Republicans?
  4. Biden Is Losing—Will The GOP Have The Courage To Win?
  5. Caitlin Clark is approaching the all-time scoring record for women’s basketball. How close is she?
  6. Can Anyone Beat Oppenheimer at the Oscars?
  7. Can Biden Win Back Rural Iowa Voters Who Left Dems?
  8. Can Dean Phillips Make Dems Think Twice About Biden?
  9. Can Even Trump Save Biden’s 2024 Run?
  10. Can Joe Biden Pull Off a Harry Truman?
  11. Can Jon Stewart live up to his ‘Daily Show’ legacy?
  12. Can Rental EVs Survive After Hertz’s Shift Back to Conventional Vehicles?
  13. Can Taylor Swift make the Super Bowl from her Tokyo tour?
  14. Can Taylor Swift Sway the 2024 Election?
  15. Can the Left Stop Pretending Biden Is Well?
  16. Can the MAGA Shrew Be Tamed?
  17. Can Trump Be Stopped?
  18. Can Trump pay $83 million verdict?
  19. Can Trump Win the Chick-fil-A Vote?
  20. Congress used to care about the ‘dreamers.’ What happened?
  21. Could a Baseball Star Really Flip Dianne Feinstein’s Seat?
  22. Could Biden’s Ego Doom the Democrats?
  23. Could Nikki Haley Actually Do It?
  24. Could retired Alabama football coach Nick Saban save America?
  25. Did KJP Just Serve Up Her Worst Word Salad Yet?
  26. Did the Republican Primaries Even Matter?
  27. Do Democrats secretly support Texas on the border crisis?
  28. Do We Really Live in an ‘Age of Inequality’?
  29. Does Anyone Actually Like Joe Biden?
  30. Does ‘Barbie’ Deserve All the Hype?
  31. Does Kamala Harris Really Think Americans Are This Stupid?
  32. Does Old Joe Biden Even Know That He’s President?
  33. Exactly how sexist is Donald Trump?
  34. Has Barbie been snubbed at the Oscars?
  35. Has Nikki Haley’s campaign exposed Trump’s worst vulnerability for 2024?
  36. Has Wall Street Given Up Trying To Stop Trump?
  37. How Can We Fix America’s Unaffordable Health Care System?
  38. How Did We Get to This Point in Yemen?
  39. How do you solve a problem like Kamala?
  40. How Is Gaza Being Covered on Television News?
  41. How Much Does Iran Control Its Proxies?
  42. How Often Is Taylor Swift Actually Shown at N.F.L. Games?
  43. How Should the US Respond to the War in Gaza?
  44. How Will Biden Respond to Iran’s Latest Attack?
  45. If Bill Belichick doesn’t get a coaching job now, which teams might hire him in 2025?
  46. In 2024, What’s the Way Forward?
  47. In Hollywood Awards Season, What Role Will Gaza War Play?
  48. Is Biden Really the New Carter?
  49. Is Biden’s Campaign Doomed Before It Even Begins?
  50. Is ‘Bidenomics’ a Winner or a Loser for 2024?
  51. Is Congress Really Going to Abandon Ukraine Now?
  52. Is everyone rooting for the Harbaughs this post-season?
  53. Is Gay’s Failed Presidency a Referendum on DEI?
  54. Is It Time to Give Up on the United Nations?
  55. Is It Worth It for Democrats To Keep Shielding Biden?
  56. Is New York in Play for 2024?
  57. Is Plastic Surgery Making People Look Worse?
  58. Is the Electoral Fix Already In?
  59. Is The Proposed Border Deal A Good Idea?
  60. Is the Trump Threat Too Serious for Humor?
  61. Is there a realist case for Palestine?
  62. Is There Any Way in Hell Nikki Haley Can Stop Trump?
  63. Is Ukraine’s new strategy hurting Russia?
  64. Joe Biden Warned Iran Not to Do Anything. Iran Did Something. Again. So Now What? 
  65. John Or Jim Harbaugh?
  66. Lockdowns To Save the Environment?
  67. Need More Proof That Joe Biden Knows He’s Going To Lose in November?
  68. Panicking Over Polls Showing Biden Losing?
  69. Ready for the Longest Campaign Ever?
  70. A Trump/RFK Ticket?
  71. UN: Sorry About Our People Attacking Israel. Now How About Some More $?
  72. Wait, Did Joe Just Say Beau Biden Was Killed in Normandy?
  73. Was This the Year of Peak Woke?
  74. What Are Haley and DeSantis Running For?
  75. What Caused the American Crack-Up?
  76. What if Biden or Trump suddenly leaves the 2024 race?
  77. What If the Real War in Israel Hasn’t Even Started?
  78. What is UNRWA, the U.N. aid agency Israel accuses of having militant links?
  79. What’s Next for College Admissions?
  80. Where is Hamas Getting Its Weapons?
  81. Which states could get new congressional maps in 2024?
  82. Who Are the Real Insurrectionaries?
  83. Who Needs Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2024?
  84. Who will hold Dr Fauci to account?
  85. Who Will Trump Pick to Be His Vice President?
  86. Who’s Radical on Abortion Now?
  87. Why are Americans so displeased with the economy?
  88. Why did Falcons pass on Belichick?
  89. Why did Jim Harbaugh leave Michigan for Chargers?
  90. Why Do Americans Keep Voting for Trump?
  91. Why is Biden running?
  92. Why is Bill Belichick leaving the Patriots?
  93. Why Is Nikki Haley Still in the Race?
  94. Will Americans Tame U.S. Foreign Policy in 2024?
  95. Will an Immigration Deadlock Cause a Government Shutdown?
  96. Will Covid Voting Rules Stay in Place in 2024?
  97. Will Democrats Convince Biden To Step Aside?
  98. Will Haley Give Trump a Run for His Money?
  99. Will Politics or Economics Win Out in 2024?
  100. Will the Supreme Court Keep Trump Off the Ballot?

It’s always interesting what we ask.

It’s even more interesting how we answer.



[Editorial note: sources utilized but not limited to ABC News, AllSides, AMAC, The Athletic, The Atlantic, Boston Globe, Brookings, CNBC, CNN, Daily Kos, The Dispatch, Financial Times, FOX News, The Free Press, The Guardian, In These Times, Los Angeles Times, The Messenger, MSNBC, National Review, The New Statesman, New York Magazine, New York Times, Newsweek, PBS, Politco, Project Syndicate, Racket News, Rasmussen Reports, Real Clear Politics, Real Clear Science, Sky News, Slate, The Spectator, The Sporting News, Substack, TAC, Time, Townhall, Tuscaloosa News, UnHerd, US News & World Report, USA Today, Vox, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and X.]