80 for April

Tired of the news? Don’t trust the news you actually do hear? Believe it’s biased to the point of being untruthful?

We can’t omit the bias, but we can learn lots by sorting through what people have been talking about. Because the question mark is our favorite punctuation piece — because it’s the only mark that actually invites a response — below is what people were asking in the month that was. We took the first 80 Q’s we observed; you’ll note they come from sources left, right and pretty much everywhere in between. I’ve bolded ten that heightened my curiosity…

  1. A Bipartisan House?
  2. A Turning Point for American Foreign Policy?
  3. Abortion or Inflation: Which Will Matter More in 2024?
  4. Accountability Coming for Trump at Last?
  5. After Nearly 1,400 Campus Arrests, How Will Prosecutors Handle Charges?
  6. Are Americans Really So Divided?
  7. Are Democrats Stuck With Biden?
  8. Are Iran’s Nine Lives Nearing an End?
  9. Are US politics undergoing a racial realignment?
  10. Can Biden Attract Independent Voters?
  11. Can Biden Keep the Black Vote?
  12. Can Biden Revive the Fortunes of American Workers?
  13. Can Down-Ballot Races Lift Biden to Victory in 2024?
  14. Can Political Theorists Be Trusted?
  15. Can We Fix a Culture Hostile To Raising Children?
  16. Compassion or Hatred? What’s Motivating Protesters on College Campuses?
  17. Could Trump Unlock Longer-term Republican Presidential Success?
  18. Dems Turned Colorado Blue. Can GOP Win It Back?
  19. Did Mike Johnson Just Get Religion on Ukraine?
  20. Did Trump Just Get Lucky With His NYC Juror Pool?
  21. Did the U.S. Solicitor General Mislead SCOTUS?
  22. Disorder on Border: What Were They Thinking?
  23. Do Our Leaders, ‘Experts’ & Pundits Want World War III?
  24. Does Abortion Ruling Put Florida In Play?
  25. Empathy Was Biden’s Superpower in 2020. Will It Be Again?
  26. Famine in Gaza?
  27. Hillary To Students on Gaza: Can We Talk & Not Shout?
  28. How Much Is a Dead Jew Worth?
  29. How Woke Is Too Woke?
  30. Ignore the sticker price: How have college prices really changed?
  31. Is a Biden Comeback Underway?
  32. Is Bad News for Biden ‘Rosy Retrospection’ or Just Fact?
  33. Is Biden Losing Pennsylvania?
  34. Is College Still Worth It?
  35. Is Special Counsel Jack Smith An Emperor Who Wears No Clothes?
  36. Is the U.S. Government Ready for Another January 6?
  37. Is Trump Nostalgia Enough?
  38. Is Trump Really Leading in Battleground Pennsylvania?
  39. Is Trump Really Making Big Gains With Black and Latino Voters?
  40. Question for a Reparations Advocate: What Is Enough?
  41. Should Justice Sotomayor Retire?
  42. Some Colleges Will Soon Charge $100,000 a Year. How Did This Happen?
  43. Should Kamala Harris step aside as Joe Biden’s running mate?
  44. The Intifada Comes to America. Now What?
  45. The Return of Stagflation?
  46. Top companies are on students’ divest list. But does it really work?
  47. Trump, Biden ‘Darn Near Even’. Where Will the Race Go? 
  48. Trump Denies Elections, But Biden’s the Threat to Democracy?
  49. Voters don’t like Biden’s economy — but why?
  50. War By Affirmative Action?
  51. What academic penalties could the 44 arrested student protesters face?
  52. What Are Americans’ Top Foreign Policy Priorities?
  53. What Are the Stakes of ‘Civil War,’ Really?
  54. What Is Hamas Thinking Now?
  55. What Is RFK Jr.’s Pitch to Voters?
  56. What Should Be Done About the Gender Pay Gap in Sports?
  57. What Will Netanyahu Do Now?
  58. What Would Lincoln Do?
  59. What’s Behind Campus Protesters’ Calls For ‘Divestment’ From Israel?
  60. What’s Next After the Ukraine Mistake?
  61. What’s next for Caitlin Clark?
  62. When do college protests become criminal?
  63. When Is Racial Stereotyping Acceptable?
  64. Who are Trump’s potential VP picks?
  65. Who is Caitlin Clark’s Boyfriend?
  66. Who Is Running for President in 2024?
  67. Who’s on Trial, a Former President or a Mob Boss?
  68. Why Are Voters Worried About Biden’s Age?
  69. Why Did Cars Get So Expensive?
  70. Why Does America Have Religious Liberty?
  71. Why Have Abortions Risen in the US?
  72. Why Is America Vastly Expanding Its Surveillance Complex?
  73. Why Is Trump Barred From Discussing Cohen & Daniels?
  74. Will Biden Let Israel Finish Off Hamas?
  75. Will Black Voters Back GOP?
  76. Will Doing ‘the Right Thing’ Cost Speaker Johnson?
  77. Will Gen-Z Cancel America?
  78. Will the Gaza War Decide the 2024 Race?
  79. Will Prosecutors Charge Pro-Palestinian College Protestors?
  80. Will There Be a Presidential Debate This Fall?

Just asking questions. But allow me one more, maybe my favorite: “Who said it: Biden, Trump or someone from ‘The Bachelor’?”

(My apologies… that was from March…) 🙂



[Intramuralist note: sources include but are not limited to ABC News, AMAC, The American Conservative, American Greatness, American Reformer, The Atlantic, Boston Globe, Brookings Institution, CBS News, CNN, DC Examiner, Epoch Times, The Federalist, Financial Times, Guardian, The Hill, Huff Post, The Liberal Patriot, Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, New York Magazine, New York Sun, New York Times, The New Yorker, Newsweek, People, NPR, Pew Research Center, Real Clear Politics, Slate, Substack, Tablet Magazine, Tipp Insights, UnHerd, The Unknowns, USA Today, US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, Washington Free Beacon, Yale News, and 538.]